Sunday, 22 September 2019

Libertarian Communism 2019

Libertarian Communism is the ACG’s annual dayschool.

This year the dayschool takes place on October 5th from 12:30 pm - 6:00 pm on 5th October at the May Day Rooms at 88 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1DH.

The discussions will be on:
organising women workers; climate change.
For more info contact London ACG –

Eveyone is welcome to come along and listen to the presentations and then contribute to the discussions.

Libertarian Communism at the MayDay Rooms

London Anarchist Communists: Libertarian Communism 2019

London Anarchist Communists: Libertarian Communism 2019: 2nd ACG Dayschool: Libertarian Communism 2019 Sunday: October 5th 12:30- 5:30 May Day Rooms- 88 Fleet Street, London (https://maydayrooms...

London ACG public meeting: This Land is Ours – the Fight for Justice.

ACG Talk.

All welcome.

7pm. Thursday. 26th September.

Housmans Bookshop.



The land is the source of all wealth and our very existence. However, what should belong to all of us has been taken from us and concentrated in the hands of a small minority so that they own the land, decide its use (usually to profit themselves) and control access to the benefits. All our struggles, whether for housing, community centres, and good, cheap food or against climate change are struggles over how land is used and who makes the decisions.

There has been a tradition of fighting for land justice in Britain, most recently in the Scottish movement for land reform. People are beginning to question the idea of private property and moving to more radical ideas such as the land being a Commons- owned and controlled by us all. This talk will first look at the question of who owns and controls the land in Britain, consider what is being done in Scotland and elsewhere, and then open the discussion on what changes we would like to see.

At Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DY

Housemans Bookshop event info

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Stop The Arms Fair


Stop The Arms Fair! 

Chase the Arms Dealers! – 

Farnborough, March 28th.

Defence Procurement, Research, Technology & Exportability (DPRTE).

Bristol Anarchist Federation are organising for a protest at the DPRTE in Farnborough on
March 28th.
Check their website for full info:
Bristol Anarchist Federation — Chase the Arms Dealers
They are holding Stop the Arms Fair – Info & Planning day. at Hydra Books, 34 Old Market on in Bristol on Saturday 3rd of March at 2pm. Facebook Event

Stop The Arms Fair:

When: Thursday 28th March 8.30am onwards
Where: Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre
Venue Info:

The venue itself – Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre – has multiple entrances, and prior experience tells us that if there is a protest at one, organisers may attempt to hide this from attendees by instructing them to enter by a different entrance. As such the location of the main bulk of the protest may vary, so make sure to check back here just before the day, or keep in touch with Campaign Against the Arms Trade or Birmingham Stop the Arms Fair. For now, aim to get to Queens Roundabout, Farnborough GU14 6AZ. 

Keep an eye on: Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Birmingham Stop the Arms Fair, and Stop the Cardiff Arms Fair / Na i Ffair Arfau Caerdydd

Bristol Anarchist Federation

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Rebel City

New issue of Rebel City — London’s anarchist paper. London ACG jointly produce the paper with other London anarchists. 

Rebel City aims to cover all issues of importance to working class Londoners. We argue for a radical transformation of our city. Rebel City is collectively produced by a range of groups and individuals.

Rebel City London

Free PDF edition:

Free PDF edition of the Rebel City paper

No War But The Class War

On 26th January Surrey ACG jointly hosted a No War But The Class War meeting with the Communist Workers' Organisation in Dorking. Fifteen people were there which was a pretty good attendance. Members of the SPGB came down from London and the CWO had members attend from Surrey and London. It was a decent discussion and after the formal meeting, people stayed on for some beers. The meeting was part of the ongoing NWBTCW initiative by the ACG and CWO and we agreed to produce a brief statement to attract other internationalists to future meetings around the UK.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

No War but the Class War!

Discussion meeting.

Sat 26th Jan.
1pm — 3pm.
The Function Room.
Lincoln Arms pub.

Next to Dorking Main station and only 2 minutes from Dorking Deepdene station. 

There will be introductory talks by an ACG member and a CWO member.
Hosted by Surrey Libertarian History Society.

A hundred cruise missiles were launched against the military installations of the Assad regime on 14th April 2018. In the aftermath the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, stated that the United States was “locked and loaded”. Together the US, France and Britain engaged in bombings that will be of no benefit to the Syrian masses suffering under the murderous regime of Bashar Assad.
It can be seen that all three regimes in the USA, France and Britain have their own domestic 
problems, and that a military adventure is always a good ploy to divert attention. 
Trump is wrestling with the ongoing Muller investigation, the revelations of ex-FBI Director Comey, and ongoing legal wrangles with porn star Stormy Daniels and polls that show his lack of popularity and the mid-term elections where the Democrats wrested back the House of Representatives. The ruling Conservative Party in Britain is faced with serious divisions in its own Party, with deepening problems over Brexit. Macron in France faces increasing unrest at home. 

Trump was elected President on a populist programme, but part of that programme was that he would withdraw troops from Iraq and not be involved in military adventures in the Middle East. This was in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton who maintained an aggressive stance towards Russia and calls for a no-fly zone over Syria that would have caused confrontation with Russia, Assad’s ally. Now Trump has betrayed his populist base, to the horror of some of his previous conservative backers. Haley has stated that the US would maintain its troops in Syria and would start sanctions against Russian firms doing business with Assad. 

Some of the most virulent critics of Trump have been papers like the Washington Post. In a lead editorial just after the bombings it criticised the joint US, French and British attack as inadequate and attacked Trump for saying that he had been ready to withdraw American troops from Syria. Similar views were aired in anti-Trump paper the New York Post. It is clear that a substantial part of the US ruling class wish to pursue a more aggressive attitude towards Russia and its allies. They are concerned by the new alliance between Russia, Turkey and Iran and the weakening US influence in the Middle East. 

For the last quarter of a century, the US and its allies have been engaged in constant warfare, using fabricated excuses like the bogus weapons of mass destruction to dismantle the regime of their former ally Saddam, overthrow Gaddafi in Libya because of an ‘imminent’ massacre of civilians and now the gas attacks by the Assad regime. 

The attacks on the Syrian regime were not a last minute response but the result of plans prepared over many months as can be seen by the high level of coordination between the three state powers.
Large sections of the US ruling class including the leaders of the military have little confidence in Trump being able to oversee moves against Russia and its allies. That is why the campaign against Trump is increasing in intensity at the same time as aggressive moves by the US and its allies. This has been explicitly stated by neo-conservatives who link the removal of Trump to the expansion of war moves. 

In the USA, France and Britain there is widespread anti-war feeling and this has been aggravated by the bombing attacks. In Germany, sections of the ruling class there have expressed the need to re-arm and, at the same time, pursue foreign policies less dependent on the USA. This turn is justified by lauding German “high moral and humanitarian standards”. 

Assad is a bloody dictator and it is highly possible that he used gas attacks against the Syrian population. However those who condemn Assad are the same States that justified mass bombings of Hamburg and Dresden and two atom bomb attacks on Japan during World War Two, the use of the chemical Agent Orange in Vietnam, as well as the deployment of napalm there and previously in Greece, and the use of white phosphorus in Fallujah by the US Army in November 2004, or the deployment of chemical weapons in 1988 in Halabja by the Iraqi Baath regime, then the ally of the West. More recently, the British government has had few qualms about providing the weaponry used by the Saudi Arabian military to kill numerous civilians in Yemen. 

The USA realised it has lost influence in the Middle East. It and its allies initially backed the Islamist militias in their attempts to overthrow Assad. Now ISIS is a shadow of its former self and Assad controls 75% of Syria. Russia had been warned before the bombing attacks with the hint that its own forces and bases there would not be touched. 

Nevertheless it was implied that the USA was still the only surviving superpower and that Russia should not overstep the mark. 

Russia will not easily abandon its ally, Syria. It needs the Mediterranean ports that Syria provides. On the other hand the USA would like to confine Russia to the Black Sea and is seriously concerned about the new alliance, temporary though it may be, between Turkey and Russia and the increasing strength of the Shiite axis in Iran, Iraq and with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Israel launched its own attacks on its old enemy, Syria, obviously with the approval of the USA. For its part, Turkey is looking to increase influence and presence in Syria and has moved against the Kurdish controlled enclave of Afrin, exploiting the tensions between the great powers. 

Whatever the outcome, it is clear that the different world and regional powers are gearing up for more armed conflict. In Syria over 400,000 people have been slaughtered and many more have been displaced. The situation is the same in Iraq. The masses there have nothing to gain from the murderous and barbarous depredations of the different armed gangs, whether they be Russian, American, Turkish or Islamist etc. Only revolution to overthrow all these regimes offers any alternative. 

For now, we call on all internationalist and class conscious workers, communists, anarchists and revolutionary socialists to come together under the ‘No War but the Class War’ banner to promote working class resistance to the bosses’ war machine.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

ACG Stickers.

The Anarchist Communist Group has produced a set of three sticker designs:

"Slum Landlords"

"Universal Credit. Stop It! Scrap It!"

"Migrants Don't Push Down Wages - Bosses Do!"

Get a set of each design and stick them up around your town.
Any donations for post and packaging much appreciated.

Just drop us a line via our contact page ACG:

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

No War But the Class War. Public Meeting. Newcastle.

Graffiti from imprisioned First World War conscientious objector held in the cell block at Richmond Castle.

"By any criteria the world is in a problematic state. There are ominous signs of worse to come. The rise of Trump and other populists is the outcome, not the cause, of a life-threatening crisis for world capitalism which started decades ago and which has seen the working class share of GDP decline ever since. Since the 2007/8 financial crash the pretence that international bodies like the UN can keep the peace or that the IMF can resolve the problem of a world economy paralysed by debt has worn more than thin. The ground is now being prepared for the ‘final solution’ to the crisis: war – large-scale, world war. There isn’t a set of progressive policies which can alter this course."

"But the alternative is not to do nothing. The alternative is not to be dragged into support for the lesser imperialism. The only alternative to capitalist barbarism and towards a civilised future is for the working class of the world to raise its head and reject all war but our own class war for a new world of peace and prosperity where borders, wars, states, and the financial speculation and production for profit which cause them, are a thing of the past."

"The capitalists think the working class is dead as an international political force. But there is a groundswell preparing to challenge their complacency. If you are interested in being part of this, come and discuss how we can launch No War But the Class War in the North East."

Organised by the Communist Workers’ Organisation.

Public Meeting.
Friday 9th of June.
Hosted by Communist Workers' Organisation.
Bar Loco. 22 Leazes Park Road.
Newcastle upon Tyne.
NE1 4PG 

Monday, 21 May 2018

Rebel City - London's Anarchist Paper

Rebel City - London's Anarchist Paper.
Get your free copy here:

Rebel City PDF

Just imagine what could happen when Trump visits the UK.

A short article by the South Essex Stirrer. Please see the link at the end of the article for the link to the original text.

The working visit of Trump to the UK on 13-14th July has predictably generated a lot of excitement in many sections of the left and also in a fair few sections of the anarchist movement as well. There’s already discussion and debate about what form the protests against Trump’s visit should take. Suffice to say, it looks as though there will be a variety of actions and protests to mark the occasion. It’s also a reasonable assumption that whatever takes place on the streets in central London will be met with a heavy police presence. One that could well drain police resources away from other areas of the capital and from surrounding counties.

Let’s play a game of imagining what could happen with a mass of cops in central London and the rest of the capital somewhat short of cops on the streets. What if there were enough motivated class struggle activists across the capital who could see the opportunity provided by the distraction of the protests against Trump, and the cops diverted to police them, to use the 13-14th July to undertake actions that will aid our class? It’s not hard to draw up a list of issues that could be highlighted by a series of nimble, well planned, creative actions if you want a bit of a thought experiment.

Purely as an exercise, these are these are the ones we’ve thought of. Abandoned council estates awaiting the right offer from a developer that could be re-occupied. High end estate agents complicit in the agenda of making London a welcome home for the super rich while ordinary people are socially cleansed from the capital – could it be that they may experience some creative ‘inconvenience’? Housing associations actively complicit in socially cleansing people from London being paid a visit by people who refuse to be moved away from friends, family and support networks? Exploitative outsourcing companies who treat their precarious workforce like dirt perhaps being given a lesson in manners? The list could go on if you really want it to…

The point we’re trying to make, without getting done for incitement, is that a) in situations like this, the left and a fair number of anarchists could do with being a lot less predictable and knee jerk reflexive and b) we need actions that advance our class interests rather than those that make the participants feel good about themselves but have no impact on the real world.

Just imagine what could happen when Trump visits the UK

Libertarian Communism 2019

Libertarian Communism is the ACG’s annual dayschool. This year the dayschool takes place on October 5th from 12:30 pm - 6:00 pm on 5th...